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Why do you hear this so often? Because it's a necessity. There are two important parts to a call to action and most websites don't have one.

When a customer visits your website, they should know what you sell within 5 seconds upon arrival and know how to connect with you.

Let's do a quick exercise.

  1. When you go to your website, can you clearly tell what is for sale or the services provided?

  2. Will your client know how to buy your service/product?

  3. Is it easy for them to call, email you, find your location, or fill out a contact form for more information?

  4. Are the photos on your home page relevant to the products you sell or the services you provide?

The goal is to teach the client about your product/service and direct them to call to action with the least amount of friction as possible.


Here are a few solutions that will help you streamline your call to action.

  1. Keep the navigation bar simple, create a one-page website, or don't have a traditional navigation bar at all. Create a navigation "free" website with a sales funnel instead.

  2. Have a link to purchase your product/service at the top of your home page.

  3. Put a map on your home page. Make sure to mark your location.

  4. Put your phone number and contact information in the footer so that it is on every page.

  5. Create a contact form and place it on your home page.

  6. Create a button on your home page the directs the client to an online scheduling system or order form.

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