Did you ever notice when you go to a restaurant with a HUGE MENU, you never know what to get? The same idea applies to your website. In short, you have too many things to click on your website and no one knows what to pick.

When you look at a website and there is too much information..... too many package options and too many buttons to click, we are much more likely to click away than pick one.

Take a step back. Evaluate.

  1. What brings in sales?

  2. What is distracting your customers?


Look at your service offerings. Do you really need to list EVERY possible package or can you just have a few, with a little list in the FAQ about add-ons?


Do you really need all your social media feeds and links on your website? You see other people doing it so you believe you’re supposed to.

Ask yourself /// Do you really care if someone follows you on Instagram when the majority of your business comes from LinkedIn or Facebook? No.

Depending on the business model, most business should not send their customers to Facebook from your website. You should be sending your customers from a social media platform TO your website.


How many pages do you have in your menu? Do you really need multiple drop-downs or a navigation bar of ten choices? Can you imagine how I feels to see so many options and not know what to choose? “Woah, that’s a lot of things, I’m not sure what I should look at first. Well, I’ll just scroll down the homepage and then click away”.

On the opposite side of the spectrum - imagine a menu bar with ABOUT, SERVICES, CONTACT. I bet someone is going to click one of those options before leaving your site.

Keep it simple silly!

Tell me in the comments below:

  1. How many pages are on your menu bar?

  2. How many links to other websites on are your website?

  3. How many packages, services or products do you offer?

  4. What areas of your website are too busy?

Your visitors and your wallet will thank you. Did you know that when you put information on social media...... you are increase that website's value, not your website? Once you put information on social media, they own it! You heard me, it's theirs. You are giving them photos, information and content. You are helping their business and website grow.

  • It helps their SEO.

  • It gives their platform value.

  • It gives them more content.


  • Update your website.

  • Update your blog.

  • Keep valuable information on your website.


Social media isn't bad. Social media can be extremely useful and valuable tool if used correctly. Think of those platforms as a gathering place. Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms are a place to bring people together online.

You now know where everyone is hanging out. It's time to give them a reason to move and visit your website.

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