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What does your Personal Brand say about You?

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

What does your Personal Brand say about You?

Personal branding, just about everyone has heard this term if you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or just in the business world. The truth is, personal branding, is now a vital piece of the business and personal marketing plan.

Today people still crave human connection even if it is being done through technology and social networks. No one likes talking to a bland logo, they want to talk to a real person, they want to connect and believe in the person behind the logo. I am helping my clients leverage and revamp their personal brands to ensure they are getting the best opportunities and the very best visibility from their networks.

So let's ponder the question: What does your brand say about you?

Is it dark and stark?

Is it too corporate?

Do people not take you seriously?

Have you missed opportunities?

Is someone in your company excelling because of their social network reach?

Does your personal brand reflect your future aspirations?

Are you consistent with your online messaging?

Do you have a personal portfolio or resume website? (not just LinkedIn)

Maybe it is time to reconsider your personal branding efforts. Forbes recently put out an article stating, "Workers need to be able to clearly communicate who they are and what they do to stand out to prospective clients and employers. If you aren’t effectively managing your online reputation, then you run the risk of losing out on business." We see this happen time and time again: missed opportunities for businesses and workers all because their online personal brand presence is a confusing mixture of content and random efforts.

Do you need help with your personal branding?

Contact me at // Cheers! Nicole

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