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The Art of Understanding the Customer Journey

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

The Art of Understanding the Customer Journey

It’s an uphill task for a business owner to get in the minds of its customers. You must have wondered why your customers take many steps to get from point A to point B, instead of only taking one. The main reason for this confusion is perhaps you don’t have a clear understanding of the customer journey with your company.

To improve sales and build your brand, you have to think like your ideal customer.

Finding the right customer touchpoints

For startup owners, understanding the customer journey involves becoming aware of your product or service by comparing it to other alternatives in the market. A customer touchpoint is your sales funnel that includes all the interactions made before or after a purchase.

The ideal way to identify these touchpoints is to think like a customer. When you put yourself in the shoes of your audience, you will discover the different factors that go into making a purchase.

Once you have figured out the sequence of the customer journey, you can then analyze how each touchpoint contributes to decision making.

Through this analysis you can:

Discover and eradicate any hurdles the customer might experience.

Remove any unnecessary touchpoints.

Ensure your customers get a seamless experience while making a transaction.

Continuously monitor and improve.

Understanding the dynamics

Modern customers have an uncanny way of interacting with the brands, which is tricky to be pinned down. A customer journey can be highly specific depending upon the physical experiences of your customers.

Marketing and branding play an important role in determining the specific motivations involved in the customer journey. By identifying these motivations, you can create an efficient roadmap for increasing the number of customer interactions for your product or service.

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