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Yearly Marketing Review – 3 Things to Assess Every Year

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Yearly Marketing Review – 3 Things to Assess Every Year

If you feel like things are off-track, it's time to take a step back and head in a new direction. Below are 3 important things to assess every year.

Brand Consistency

The first thing I would recommend looking into is your Brand Consistency. When you look at your marketing materials, social media posts and website do they look similar OR do they look like they were designed for multiple companies? Your customer needs to be able to differentiate YOU from your competitors.

SOLUTION: Having a Brand Style Guide created for your company is a simple solution to this problem. It will keep you and your staff on-brand with all of your projects.

BONUS: Once you have a Brand Style Guide, you can easily communicate your brand standards to any outside vendor or contractor. This saves time and alleviates any confusion.

Your Website

If your website was a billboard, would you post it in front of your business OR would you hide it in a back alley? Take a second and come up with 5 adjectives that describe your website. If outdated or confusing come to mind, you need to fix this problem immediately.

SOLUTION: Sometimes it is more cost-effective to update what you already have. BUT if you feel too embarrassed to show it to anyone or it is extremely outdated, it's best to start over.

Marketing Plan

Do you have a Marketing Plan or do you do something we like to call "Reactive Marketing"? Reactive Marketing is when you constantly throwing together last-minute specials and events that have no target market, no budget, sloppy advertising and no longterm goal. These specials end up failing almost every time and stress out everyone involved.

SOLUTION: If you do not have a marketing plan, you need one. You need to know who you are marketing to, how you are going to market to them, how much it's going to cost (staffing & advertising), did it work and should you do this again.

BONUS: Marketing Plans help reduce stress. Imagine having a calendar set up with all the tasks that need to be done each day. If you become sick, want to pass off the task to someone else or go on vacation, you can!!

Having an updated Brand Style Guide, Website and Marketing Plan will make a huge difference!

If you are ready to take the jump and need some help, send me a message and I would be delighted to take a look at your marketing efforts and discuss options.

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