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Not all websites are built the same way because each web designer uses their "preferred" software. Some websites are made in an "all in one" software. While others are made in an "Open Source Software" where the main software allows plugins from other companies.

One is more secure than the other....... Can you guess which one is more secure?

Below is a photo of what can happen when you use a platform that uses plugins from other companies.

The difference.

Open Source Websites

An example of a website software that uses plugins from other companies would be Wordpress.

  • If Wordpress updates their main software then all the plugin companies need to update their own software as well. If the plugin company doesn't, then the plugin will not work anymore...... It will usually display a blank gray box with a question mark inside. This might happen for a slider, form, map or any other plugin.

  • This kind of website is also less secure because an attack can come in from multiple places (the main software or any of the plugins).

  • Because some of the plugins are complicated, you need to hire a developer to fix your problems. That makes maintenance expensive.

All In One Websites

An "all in one" website is what I used for the businesses I work with when designing a website.

  • When the website updates, you don't need to worry about updating the all the plugins. That company automatically updates everything for you. That is because it's all one software company. They don't want all their customers to be down plus they plan for upgrades. They don't have to communicate this information to outside companies. To this day, I have never had one client contact me about their website having to be updated.... ever.

  • This website is more secure. When there is an attack, it's only coming in one way. It's easier to protect. To this day, I have never had one client contact me about their website being down ever.

  • My website are also very easy to update by yourself and you do not need to know how to code at all. If you are comfortable editing a Word document, you can do minor updates by yourself. I have setup my clients for success by creating video tutorials on EdifyMedia.Co. You can learn at anytime - from anywhere.

Do you want to switch?

If you are interested in switching over to an All In One software, I would be happy to help you. We can use the same website and switch it over OR we can start from scratch.

Training videos are available at at the end so that you can edit your website all by yourself. Save on the maintenance fee from a developer or web designer.

A Word Press switch or Design from Scratch starts at $800 and goes up to $3,800. Your total can be broken up into 3-4 payments. Website are delivered in 4-6 weeks. If you'd like to speed up the process or delay the launch, we can do that as well. Questions? Contact me at Nicole@EdifyMedia.Co or

Special Features Available (more available that are not listed)

  • Member Sign Up

  • Member Sign Up with Approval

  • Locked Member Areas

  • Blog Area

  • Downloadable Documents

  • Selling Digital Documents

  • Event Areas with Sign Up

  • Location Map (1 or more Locations)

  • Email Marketing Built In

  • Email Sign Up

  • Online Ordering

  • Video Channel

  • Video Hosting (Vlog Area - How to videos...)


Contact me at if you are interested in a website.

Sample Websites

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