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Do you want to start posting on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram? Maybe you'd like to start email marketing?


I'm sure you also want to give the BEST impression to your prospects or customers. You want your audience to see your company at its absolute best, right? Of course you do.

Who wants to buy somethings from or believe someone who looks like they are a total mess? No one.


If you plan on creating a social media post or an email, you need to send the customer to a call to action (CTA). A CTA can be a blog post to read, service to buy on your website, a product to buy on your website, an upcoming event to attend, a donation to make, an update on your latest project or so on. That CTA should be on your website. If don't understand why you should be sending them to your website, see my blog post about giving away content for free.

Sales Funnels

Basically you want to create a SIMPLE HOOK (social media post OR email blast) that directs your customer to your website. That way you have their full attention. You want to direct them to information they need, a product to buying or a donation they can make.

IF you are directing them to a dated or confusing website that is NOT mobile friendly, you can kiss the customer goodbye. The competition/game has changed. Don't fall behind.

Your website is your storefront.

Here are a few things I recommend looking into before you send out an email blast or social media post.

  • Does your website look up to date?

  • Is your website mobile friendly?

  • Is there a clear call to action on your website?

  • Do you have sales funnels in place on your website?

  • Do you want to hide and say.... that's not my website?


So BEFORE you sent a customer to your website, make sure you're proud of what you have.

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