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You have a LinkedIn profile. It has a nice picture of you. It has some information about your company. SO..... why are you not getting traffic from your LinkedIn profile to your website? There might be a disconnect!

What's Happening?

Have you ever gone to someone's personal profile on Linkedin to check out their company's services? How many times have you had to get off LinkedIn, open a NEW TAB and google search the company's name..... to hopefully.... maybe find the right company? I have done this a TON of times.

True Story

Total Mix Up & True Story = One time I was looking at a hair stylist's profile that was recommended to me by a friend. She told me to just call her shop. I couldn't figure out how to contact her business so I used google. Well the lady who answered the phone was SHOCKED a new customer was calling. I had the wrong place. Most women who went to this salon were a little older than me and enjoyed getting their hair "shampooed and set" biweekly. This means they shampoo your hair and put it in curlers. Then they apply SUPER SPRAY and put you under a drier. Finished Product = Your hair doesn't MOVE for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! How do I know this? My grandmother would get this done for special occasions.... at the time I was in my 20's. Not my jam.


Give your prospects and clients a break. Make the path EASY! If they have to search..... they are more likely to give up or may go to someone else.....

1. Add Your Company and Personal Brand Website

  • At the top of your profile, you can add your company and personal brand website to your profile. (See above.)

2. Make Sure Your Company Has a LinkedIn Business Page

  • Click on the icon. If it goes to your business page, you're all set. (See above)

  • If not, link it.

  • If you don't have a LinkedIn business page, MAKE ONE.

3. Bonus

  • Personally, I added the web address to company in the job description area as well. You don't have to do this but I feel it helps. That way they don't have to guess. It's right there.

These three simple tips will help your sale funnel. The easier it is to get to your website, the more likely someone is going to purchase something, donate or attend an event.

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