Edify Media Co has a story that includes a coffee shop.



The founder Nicole Maxey has been working in the Marketing industry before Facebook existed. I know. That's a long time ago - right! She started her marketing career in self storage. FANCY ;)  Then continued on... to work with Photography Studios, Senior Living Communities, Dental Offices, Country Clubs, Young Professional Groups, Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Clubs and other small to midsize businesses. Her childhood dream -- to be in the advertising industry -- had come true. 

That was all fine and dandy but she had some more things to check off. 


In high school study hall senior year, Nicole would spend months creating plans about her future coffee shop. She loved getting a warm Caramel Latte during the cold winter months. This dream never seemed to fade and continued on into her college years. While attending college, Nicole had 3-4 part-time jobs at a time to make ends meet. One of her favorite jobs was working for the Mad Mug. Chatting with the teachers, local motorcycle police crew, small business owners and professionals from every industry made her fall in love again with that dream.


Over the year she started to work small business owners and CEO's. She thought, if they could do it she could do it. The last spice of inspiration was a country club. She was surrounded by amazing food and people who had built their businesses from nothing. It was the last straw. It was time to make that jump.

And she did.


She built a coffee shop in Milwaukee, WI from an empty store front.


The coffee shop was something that was close to her heart, but so was the beach! Working across the street from the ocean in flip-flops while working on large international marketing projects sounded great. You can not blame a Wisconsin girl for dreaming about palm trees and tacos at Christmas when she had been shoving snow for over 20 years..... SO she sold the coffee shop and moved to Florida.


She opened her marketing company and expanded her portfolio to include a Fortune 500 company, the largest trampoline park company in the world, two companies in the UK and other small businesses throughout the United States. During this time she was able to live in Poland for 2 months, travel to California off and on for a year, take a road trip from California to Virginia, see the Badland and Mt Rushmore, live in Connecticut for a few months, explore Miami and so much more.



As long as she has wifi, she is open for business.

She is available to travel internationally to consult, create or manage projects.



While working with all of these companies, Nicole has discovered something.. the go-getters.


Most businesses may need a professional website created... BUT they want to create the on-going narrative themselves. This why Edify Media Co was created.


Edify Media Co is here to help you on YOUR journey. We are starting with basic WIX Website Tutorials and hope to expand to DIY Marketing Plans, DIY Email Marketing, Ebooks and much more. Grab a cup of coffee and let's learn together.